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TF Kernel X8

From TF Android Developers, we bring you the first Custom Kernel for IOcean X8 MT6592 KITKAT.

The Kernel includes the following:

  • Compatibility with MIUI, LEWA and STOCK.
  • Init.d support, by run-parts busybox (include ro.init.d=1 in build.prop to make it work)
  • Performance Control app included in the zip file (automatic installation in /data)
  • Undervolt 25-50mv on every frequency
  • Governors and SIO
  • Charging now at 900mAh
  • VM_MAX_READAHEAD set to 1024kb
  • Increased check battery interval
  • Optimized mtk wifi driver
  • mmc:disable crc for better performance
  • mm: adjust dirty writeback for IO boost
  • Improve the performance of memcpy and memmove
  • Limited max frequency to 728MHz when early-suspend an low voltage
  • sched: Disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers for better UI performance
  • GPU Optimization flags
  • pegasusq: tune
  • Makefile: Use -mcpu=cortex-a7
  • More free RAM
  • mali: increase kernel memory buffer size
  • mali: increase l2 cache max read size
  • mali: disable state tracking
  • mali: reduce gpu utilization timeout
  • sched: enable aggressive multicore power savings
  • random: entropy tweaks are all the rage nowadays
  • fair.c: Tweak for responsiveness
  • Added frandom driver
  • Asynchronous I/O latency to a solid-state disk greatly increased
  • Optimize XZ Compress
  • Add Optimizations for cortex A7 & NeonV2 & FPV4
  • Dynamic management of dirty page writebacks
  • Included a new uboot, now you dont have to connect usb cable to enter on recovery

Installation via Recovery.


Mega or GDrive.

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