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Jiayu S3 Cooee ROM TF

From TF Android Developers, we introduce you to a beautiful ROM for Jiayu S3 in the purest MIUI style.

It has all the MIUI charisma and design but it’s sponsored by COOEE, which offers this great device a beautiful view of the environment and a very debugged style.

Name: Jiayu Cooee ROM TF.

Versión: 4.4.4.

Date posted: 24-03-2015.

Size: 555 MB.


Mega or GDrive.

If you want to support and enable the continued development of new roms and constant updates makes your donation here:

Install via Recovery, we recommend TWRP, which you can download off our website.

  • Download ROM and install it on the internal SD card..
  • Enter TWRP Recovery.
  • Wipe Data (Optional, done by installation).
  • Wipe Cache (Optional, done by installation).
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache (Optional, done by installation).
  • Format system (Optional, done by installation).
  • Install ROM from SD.
  • Auto reboot.

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