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Jiayu S3 Pure AOSP V1 TF

From Android Developers TF we present to Jiayu S3 one PURA AOSP rom.
All the charm and simplicity of AOSP, offering in this great terminal fluidity never seen before with no current rom for Jiayu S3 also from TF Android Developers have developed and including SSTM so it will be what every gamer and those who do not are both expected an unparalleled user experience and fluency.

Nombre: Jiayu S3 Pure AOSP V1 TF.

Version : 4.4.4.

Date : 14/03/2015.

Size : 424,5MB.


Desde Mega o GDrive (Se utiliza Bit.ly para contabilizar el número de descargas).

Note to publishers : the modification of this work, reproduction in any forum or website without citing the official website and / or the original link of our work is prohibited or put another download link than those officers without express consent of Android Developers TF .



  • Android 4.4.4 fully AOSP.
  • Very low RAM consumptionn.
  • Root.
  • Busybox.
  • Init.d.
  • Maxxaudio mediatek (many thanks to Arcatac).
  • *SSTM TF Android Developers Mode (Faster mode on upon first boot).
  • OTA TF Android Developers updates

NOTE: After the first boot the phone will automatically restart to apply settings SSTM Mode

* SSTM Mode (Super Speed ​​Trick Mode):


In order to switch modes, you have to go to settings/optimisation.

This mode improves graphics interface response as well as speed in games.
It basically works by reducing screen resolution so as to increase FPS and reduce the size of images and texts (frees up RAM) without taking away image quality.

There are three modes:

  • Normal: Average resolution values of the device (1920×1080).
  • Fast: Resolution values reduced to 1280×720 (increase to 5fps in 3D).
  • Faster: Resolution values recuded to 960×540 (increase to 10fps in 3D).

It installs recovery, we recommend TWRP you can download from our website.

  • Download ROM and copy it to the internal SD.
  • Enter TWRP Recovery.
  • Wipe Data (Optional, and makes installation).
  • Wipe Cache. (Optional, and makes installation)
  • Wipe Dalvik Cache. (Optional, and makes installation)
  • Format system. (Optional, and makes installation)
  • Install ROM from SD.
  • Automatic restart.

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