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Miui v5 4.8.29 Iocean X8 TF

From TF Android Developers we introduce you to this new MIUI ROM for IOcean X8.

MIUI is a non-official firmware for smartphones based on the Android open source code, developed by Xiaomi Tech. It comes with a considerably modified user interface which does without the Android app drawer. It includes extra functionalities that are not included on Android, plus a few switches on the notifications screen, new apps such as a music player, a photo gallery or a camera app, and an altered phone dialler that shows contacts according to the number you dial.

Name: Miui v5 4.8.29 Iocean X8 TF.

Versión: 4.2.2.

Date posted: 27-11-2014.

Size:471 MB.


Mega or GDrive.

  • Based Miui v5 4.8.29
  • Android 4.2.2.
  • Added Recovery option in Power Menu.
  • Languages English, Spanish and Chinesse.
  • ROOT.

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