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Welcome to TF Android Developers:

In TF Android Developers, we are a united group of Android enthusiasts can offer our knowledge and work focused on the optimization and capacity based on Android ROMS.

What we can offer is a large amount and quality made ​​and thoroughly tested ROMS tried to polish the details that make the difference.

You will also find videos, reviews, tutorials to make the simplest possible installation and upgrade processes and to resolve any doubts you may have.

We work very closely with the developer and manufacturer of terminals Jiayu, this allows us to have exclusive authentic as the source code for the various terminals, which can bring changes ROMS, Kernel… in other sites is currently not possible to obtain.

Again welcome you and hope you find your place in TF Android Developers and everything you expected when you bought your terminal.

As you can read our current work is aimed at Jiayu, Blusens, Gionee and IOcean terminals, in the future it plans to develop other models and manufacturers.

Right now what we are TF Android Developers the following:

Development: Fraggel, Erfae, Newton, Gaofeng159.

Design: Stephanicchio.

Web: Siulwon.

Social Network: Siulwon.

Content: Borx.


Official support: Ercea, Josean.

Translation: Nando.

International Manager:

And Betatesters Group

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