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Team Force 960Owing to Ejiayu’s sudden change of heart regarding its policy on keeping rom stock v3 up and running and being its graphics drivers fully incompatible with previous versions, we are forced to cease all of our activities until further notice.

All our ROMs are based on stock ROM v2, so if you have installed v3 via SP Flash Tools, YOU MUST NOT INSTALL ANY OF THE TEAM FORCE ROMS AVAILABLE or you will end up with a bad touch screen which will not work properly. That being the case, you will just have to re-install v3 via SP Flash Tools back again.

At first, Ejiayu released the afore-mentioned ROM officially, only to remove it in a short period of time, and then made it available to the public again, without taking into consideration the inconvenience this might be causing to mobile end-users.

Just so that we can avoid any kind of inconvenience this all may result in, completely alien to Team Force, we will cease all activity related to Jiayu until a solution is reached, thus we determine what to do next.

Giving support to the end user has always been our commitment and responsibility, so that they can enjoy the software on their mobiles to the full in the best Android environment ever. This is exactly the reason as to why we have made this decision, which we now share publicly.

Kind regards from all of the Team Force members.

Publication date 08-30-2014.

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