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Recovery TWRP

  Recovery TWRP for Jiayu S3 S3 y S3S (2GB y 3GB). What’s new in Add flashing of boot and recovery images via the TWRP GUI (Find the Images button on the Install page) Fix some MTP related crashes and bugs¡ Eliminate TWRP toggling USB IDs during boot if MTP is enabled Fix various adb […]

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  In the kitchens of TF Android Developers do not rest. You asked us a few days why he was “stopped” developing ago and, with every reason in the world, you suspected that something had at hand. Here we had a catch of what we have at the stoves: the first Lollipop for Jiayu S3.Since […]


  Jiayu S3 Cooee ROM TF From TF Android Developers, we introduce you to a beautiful ROM for Jiayu S3 in the purest MIUI style. It has all the MIUI charisma and design but it’s sponsored by COOEE, which offers this great device a beautiful view of the environment and a very debugged style. Name: […]

android 444 kitkat

  Jiayu S3 Pure AOSP V1 TF From Android Developers TF we present to Jiayu S3 one PURA AOSP rom. All the charm and simplicity of AOSP, offering in this great terminal fluidity never seen before with no current rom for Jiayu S3 also from TF Android Developers have developed and including SSTM so it […]

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  Lewa 5 15.01.155 Jiayu S3 TF From TF Android Developers, we introduce you to Lewa for Jiayu S3. Lewa is a third-party ROM that is originally from China, developed by Lewa Technology Inc. It is one of the most customisable ROMs for dual-SIM card mobile phones. It has its own shop, its own power […]

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