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From TF Android Developers, we bring you the first Custom Kernel for Jiayu G4S MT6592.

This Kernel V1 is for those who have NEVER installed ROM KitKat v2 or newer and want to have a custom kernel on any ROM Android 4.2.2.

The installation order so as for the ROM to work properly is as follows:

First, install the ROM v4.2.2 you want, then the Kernel.

Apart from this, the Kernel includes the following:

  • Compiled with Linaro 4.6.
  • Compatibility with MIUI, LEWA and STOCK.
  • Init.d support, by run-parts busybox (include ro.init.d=1 in build.prop to make it work)
  • Performance Control app included in the zip file (automatic installation in /data)
  • CPU Governors (intellidemand, sakuractive, nightmare, interactivex, zzmove, lulzactiveq, pegasusq, smartassV2, conservative, hotplug, ondemand, userspace, powersave, lulzactiveq, performance)
  • lulzactiveq by default.
  • IO Shedulers (noop, deadline, cfq, fifo, row, fiops, zen, vr).
  • cfq by default.
  • VM_MAX_READAHEAD set to 512kb

Installation via Recovery.


You can download it from Mega or Gdrive.

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